Oak has become a go-to material for people who hope to bring warmth and texture to their homes both indoors and outdoors.

From oak garden rooms to offices and porches, Oak framing makes a statement and can provide quite the cosy atmosphere for you and your family.

5 Home Improvement Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

To create the perfect feel for your home, let’s take a peek at what home improvement trends you can expect to see.

1. Exposed Materials

Exposing the materials used in the building is not a new concept. People have been doing it for a while, especially those who embrace the minimalist look.
However, people prefer the look of natural materials because they also bring warmth to your home. The elements can also add texture and colour to your overall look.

2. Combined Indoor and Outdoor Living

Here in the UK, despite our changeable weather, we are no stranger to outdoor living. Patios and Deck areas have always been popular, and coupled with the British love of Gardening, it is a much loved place to relax and entertain. how you incorporate your living space into this area can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of it.
As an example, an oak garden room could be the perfect complement to your patio area. If you also install a through view, you blur the lines between your interior and exterior living spaces and create a genuine sense of connectivity to your surroundings.

3. The Broken Plan Design

More traditional interior design embraces open-plan living. The broken-plan trend keeps the open concept alive, but it also breaks up your space into more functional zoning.

Going this route is a fantastic option when you are designing an oak framed building project, especially when you expose the oak beams, and incorporate Oak Bi-fold doors, which can be selectively opened depending on the weather.

removing internal doors or using folding sliding doors to connect internal spaces opens up areas when you need to, they can be closed up for more privacy as the need arises.

4. Architectural Interest

Architectural items such as Gutters and downpipes have more function than form, However these days the options on shape colour and material are many and varied, ask your designer for options, this relatively minor part of the design can enhance it if the correct choice is made.
Homeowners often choose to hide functional things like rainwater goods, Hiding rainwater gutters behind your Oak fascia is a sleek way to avoid Plastic gutters, Most don’t want to showcase where the rain goes when it drains off of the roof!

5. The Modern Loggia?

Originally an open seating area invented by the Romans, they are great places to relax in the evenings, or dine in a semi al-fresco way. Adding windows or bifold doors converts the Loggia into an Orangery or Garden room, which can be sealed up when the sun goes in.
Consider adding or creating a design with an oak extension to build a sturdy living area where you can enjoy the outdoors at your leisure.

Home Improvement Trends Help You Enjoy Your World

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