Oak can boost the appeal of your home as well as the overall value on both existing and new dwellings. Because of the opportunity that oak can provide, it is always a good idea to consider using oak in the next project you have in mind.

You also don’t need to have oak frame buildings to take advantage of what oak will do for your home. Keep reading to see just how oak can add value to your home.

Why Choose Oak for Your Home?

Steel in Disguise
Open floor plans are still quite popular, largely due to the way that they provide plenty of internal space. Consider, though, for a moment how a building is going to maintain its structure without any support beams.

The obvious answer is steel as it is going to be strong enough to handle that type of structure. What happens if you want to have exposed beams, but those beams are expected to be steel?

You likely aren’t going to want to have unsightly steel beams in your living space unless you’re going for a more industrial look.

We are able to comfortably span 6m in Oak and create larger open spaces with internal oak posts and curved bracing which all adds to the charm of an oak structure.

Oak Extensions and Natural Lighting

Older homes can especially benefit from extensions to create oak garden rooms. Many older properties have beautiful established gardens without the windows to enjoy them.

Oak orangeries and oak garden rooms are fantastic solutions to let in the natural light. With the windows closed, you can enjoy the outdoors even when it’s cold out.

If you add a through view, you can open doors as needed when the weather is nice, too. We can also direct glaze the oak frame for a more contemporary look and feel.

Take a look at our gallery to give you some ideas on what you can expect.

Ready for that Oak Frame Building Project?

Oak Features Add Luxury

Other options include adding beams or doorways to increase your home’s appearance. The oak touches will increase your wow-factor and therefore increase your home value.

Your house value is generally increased by the amount spent on an oak frame extension but with the added bonus that the wow factor makes, it will be much easier to sell the property in the future.

Adding oak cladding on the outside of your property can also increase kerb appeal. A Tudor-style look will increase value as well.

Ready for that Oak Frame Building Project?

There are many different options available to you from Oak & Home as we make everything unique to you and your requests. If you want oak garages, we can handle that. Oak orangeries? We have that covered, too.

Say oak-bifold doors as part of your garden room are part of your dream oak extension. We can help you design whatever you have in mind.

Enquire online or call us at 01902 244 255, and we will be happy to help you make your dreams a reality!