Oak is a beautiful timber and has stood the test of time for hundreds of years as a viable building material. Not to mention, there are oak frame buildings that have also been around for centuries.

The classic look is being used more and more in modern homes, too. People appreciate the warm, homely appearance of the natural materials and choose to leave them exposed in many cases.

When deciding whether or not to embark on oak frame building projects, keep these tips in mind to help you on your way.

Tips When Starting Oak Frame Building Projects

Get Permission as Needed

Getting permission for new oak extensions or other building projects is crucial, so you know that it is possible for your construction. It ensures that you will be compliant with any local stipulations.

You may even consider pre-application advice before submitting your proposal. By doing so, you can avoid obstacles or other pitfalls in the process.

Your best chance is using a designer that has oak frame experience. Someone who knows oak and its limitations are going to be capable of giving you a design that will be approved.

Remember, even oak garages may need planning permission, so don’t try to get around this critical step in the process.

Be Mindful Of Possible Build Issues

There are common problems when using oak frame techniques to extend a brick house.

Are the existing walls straight and plumb? Very often walls can have settled or moved over the years. An experienced Oak Frame Designer will look for this and make allowances in the design.

Ancient buildings – period buildings often have primitive foundations that do not comply with modern building codes. Again, an experienced oak frame designer will bear this in mind and create designs accordingly.

Oak Frame Building Projects Add Beauty

There’s a reason you’re thinking about oak frame buildings. They add beauty and functionality to your home.

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